Currently watching Hercules for the one hundredth time and falling in love with it just as I did when I first watched it.

“People do crazy things… when they’re in love.”

I grew up watching Disney, so of course my obsession is real!

And as I sit here watching my favorite Disney movie, I can’t help but love how much Hercules and Meg are perfect for each other.

I love their love story and I’m a lover of love!

I love how Meg is scared to admit that she has feelings for Hercules throughout the movie, and since she’s been heartbroken before, she’s afraid to have feelings and fall for him.

Hercules on the other hand, falls for her and he would do anything to be with her. He believes that she is everything and more, but even when she hurts him, he doesn’t loose the feelings he has for her.

He’s in love with her, so much that he was willing to give up his life for her, and give up living in Mount Olympus to stay on Earth with her.

“Father, this is the moment I’ve always dreamed of but a life without Meg, even an immortal life would be empty. I wish to stay on Earth with her. I finally know where I belong.”

I love them so much, definitely one of my favorite Disney couples!

“For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.”

So regardless of how old I am, I will always be a Disney obsessed kid at heart…so  here’s to love and never growing up!



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